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Powder Coating Raw Material

To complete our service for powder coating manufacturer around the world Yantai Jinli Technology Development Co. Ltd offer a wide range of powder coating raw material with high quality and competitive price.


Jinadd 200 (TGIC)
Jinadd PL 33/44/55 (Leveling agent for powder coating)
Jinadd LB 70 (Brightener for powder coating)
Jinadd CA-80 (Low gloss curing agent for epoxy powder coating)
Jinadd CA-30 (Low temperature, fast curing agent for powder coating)
► Jinadd MA-90 (Matting agent for powder coating)
► Jinadd 100 (Benzoin)
► Jinadd 150 (Degassing and leveling agent for powder coating)



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